Discount V Online Store stays OPEN during COVID-19 lockdown. We are now set up to work from home, so we have to rearrange some of the procedure to speed up the process. To ensure you are aware of these rearrangements, please read through the following informations.  


**ALL Discount V Local stores are CLOSED during lockdown.**



**Courier Delivery Time Frame**

Within NZ, 1-5 working days depending on how busy the courier service is in your area.

To Australia, most of the orders are still being process and deliver within the same time frame, which is 2-4 days. However there are occasionally delays, sometimes are with the customs, and others are holding with local delivery in Australia, especially when they are short-handed.

Please be patient and be kind to them, because this is a extremely difficult time for everyone.

**ID Check For Your FIRST Order**

By law, we will need to check customers ID for proof of age. We will only check your ID for your first order with us, please place your order under the same name for your future orders. Please send a snapshot of your valid ID to It should be stating your FULL NAME, and the YEAR of your D.O.B., you can cover up the rest of the information if you do not feel comfortable to expose all your personal details.

**Order With Tobacco Products**

To ensure we can still process order during lockdown, we had to relocated our warehouse. With the team working remotely, now we our stocks are located in a few different warehouses. Please allow 1-3 working days for processing your order.

Most of the Tobacco products are in PRE-ORDER mode by default, meaning the waiting time for any pending tobacco products are around 3-6 business days. Because of the delivery and ordering cycle of all suppliers are taking longer than before. We will contact you if the item(s) your order is out of stock, we will confirm with you whether you prefer to wait or swap with similar products, if neither applied, we will refund your payment. 

**Price Changes on Tobacco Products**

You might have noticed the prices on some of the tobacco products have gone up. Please understand The Discount V is the retail end of the industry, all of our prices are based on the suppliers (tobacco companies)'s wholesale price. When the tobacco companies decided to make changes on their prices, we have to change accordingly. If you have any concerns on this price changes, please contact the tobacco companies for further informations. we are not authorised for providing information on behalf of any of our suppliers.